Emergency Hotline:


24 hours a day / 7 days a week

What is an Emergency?

Gas leaks, odor of gas, damaged lines, carbon monoxide symptoms, water main breaks or no water service are all considered emergencies.

If you smell gas, do not attempt to locate the leak. Instead, leave the house or building right away. Do not use any electrical switches, appliances, lights, telephones, or mobile devices, as an electrical charge could create a spark. When you are in a safe place, call M.U.D.'s emergency hotline at 402.554.7777 or 9-1-1.

If someone is showing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, call 9-1-1 immediately. Symptoms are like the flu.

If you have a water-related emergency, call 402.554.7777. Our personnel are ready to assist you 24/7. When in doubt, call us immediately.

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Request New Service

  • An activation fee to start new service will appear on your first month's bill.
  • This service is only for residential customers.
  • You may start service by completing and submitting this form. In order to avoid delays please make sure that you accurately complete the required information below. If you have any problems submitting your form or if you have any questions regarding service, please call 402.554.6666.

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    Customer Information:

    We need a minimum of 24 hours notice to start service Monday-Friday and we are closed on weekends and holidays.
    By providing your phone numbers, you agree that the Metropolitan Utilities District may contact you at these numbers, including by automatic dialer, artificial or pre-recorded voice messages, and/or text messages concerning matters closely related to your utility services. You confirm that you are the current owner/subscriber of the phone numbers provided and that you are permitted to receive calls at those numbers. You agree that you will notify the Metropolitan Utilities District in the event that you stop using any of the phone numbers provided. If a mobile phone number is provided, wireless and text message fees may apply from your carrier.

    Address Where Service Will Be Started:


    Billing Address:

    Start Of Service Date:


    Appointment Details:

    Most water meters and some gas meters are located inside homes and buildings. It may be necessary for us to gain access to the meter to complete your service order request.

    Deposit Waiver:

    There is an initial deposit required to start a new service.

    New customers may enroll in recurring eCheck to waive the deposit after receiving your account number via confirmation email from M.U.D. Once you receive your account number by email, set up an "Auto Pay" online account within 30 days to avoid a deposit billed. You must maintain this service for 12 consecutive months.

    Provide a letter of credit from another utility company to waive your deposit. The letter must show 12 consecutive months of excellent credit and must be for service provided within the last year.

    A friend or family member is eligible to cosign on your account in order to waive your deposit. The cosigner must have an active account with M.U.D. in their name. They must have two years of excellent credit. The cosigner is responsible for any delinquent balances.

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